The Cookhouse

In 1864 when Edward Compton's house was built, a cookhouse was also constructed on the south side of the main house. The remains of the old cookhouse foundation can be seen clearly, but the old structure was lost many years ago.

Cook House

Recently the society decided to rebuild the cookhouse using old photographs and measurements of the old foundation. The new cookhouse was built on the west side of the property, only several feet from the kitchen door of the main house. It was carefully and beautifully built by two experienced society members. Wood from an old house in the process of being demolished was used for the floor. The room is authentically furnished as it would have been with an old iron cookstove

Cook House

The cookhouse is used to demonstrate how food would have been prepared for meals typical of this area in the mid- to late nineteenth century.

Visitors are always welcome to visit the cookhouse along with the other buildings located on the Mauricetown Historical Society property.

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