The Abraham Hoy House

Part of our mission at the Mauricetown Historical Society is to preserve buildings and structures from the area. In the spring of 2005 one of the older houses in Mauricetown was marked for demolition. After a close examination a decision was made by the society to save the house from destruction inasmuch as it was one of the very last of its kind.

To facilitate the preservation, it was decided to move the structure to the society's property. Much work and money was involved, but after the removal of all parts that were not original to the home, on Memorial Day Weekend (2005) it was moved to the rear of the society's Front Street property but facing Stable Lane.

Hoy House

The Abraham Hoy House, two rooms down and two rooms up, undoubtedly has sheltered generations of farmers, shop keepers, ship builders and mariners. It is the intention of the society to restore it to its original condition to every extent possible, to preserve the memory of those who lived in such houses, some of the most modest in the area.

Hoy House